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The Untrue Wife - Niewierna Zona DVD

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Melodrama: Irena Wojnicka wants out of her marriage, so she leaves her husband and goes to Paris. Her husband, devastated by her departure, tries to commit suicide. In Paris, two men compete for Irena`s love. When she hears of her husband`s attempted suicide, she comes back, finding that Nelly, the nurse, is taking care of her injured husband, and their child.

Melodramat: Irena Wojnicka chce byc wolna. Opuszcza meza i wyjezdza do Paryza, gdzie o jej wzgledy stara sie Duval. Interesuje sie nia tez Geist. Wojnicki po odejsciu zony probuje popelnic samobojstwo. Rannym i jego dzieckiem opiekuje sie pielegniarka Nelly. Irena wraca z Paryza; jej tropem przyjezdzaja Duval i Geist, ktorych po kolei odtraca. Sama, marzac nadal o wolnosci, poszukuje prawdziwej milosci. Wspolczesny dramat obyczajowy zrealizowany z okazji czterdziestolecia pracy Edwarda Puchalskiego w teatrze i filmie. Nie wyroznial sie niczym specjalnym sposrod owczesnych filmow polskich o tematyce wspolczesnej.

Cast: Tamara Wiszniewska, Irena Malkiewicz-Domanska, Hanna Rozanska.
Directed by Emil Chaberski.
1939, Black & White, 61 mins.
In Polish with English Subtitles.

Product Reviews
Richard J. Brzostek - 03/14/2011 4 of 5 Stars!
The Untrue Wife (Zona i nie Zona) is a melodrama about infidelity directed by Emil Chaberski. The story begins with Zenon reading a letter from his wife Irena that she is leaving him. Irena is going to Paris to be with her lover because she isnt happy with her life and thinks something else will be much better. Zenon is so devastated with his wifes decision that he tries to kill himself. He isnt successful and also has the good fortune of having a kind nurse restore him to his health. Zenons friend Stanislaw Geist (Boguslaw Samborski) also does his best to help him move on from her rumored affair with a Frenchman named Duval. When Irene returns, things get a little complicated and the emotions run high. For those who have experienced something similar to the events in this film in their life, this movie is especially meaningful. What happens in this movie is not far from everyday reality, so for those who are wise enough to learn from the mistakes of others without having to experience them, there is a great lesson in this film. Without giving too much away, the fact that tragedy can lead to something better also rings very true to life and shows there is hope despite the heartbreak. It is remarkable just how much WWII influenced the lives of those in this film. The actor that plays Irena's husband (Stefan Hnydzinski) died just one month into the war at the age of 38. Ingo Sym, the actor that played Duval, was executed on March 7, 1941 for collaborating with the Gestapo. Oddly enough, the jerks of this movie also joined forces in real life. Boguslaw Samborski also helped the Gestapo and even stars in a German propaganda film that set out to make the Poles look evil (and two other Nazi German era films). It is also worth noting just how much the war changed the theme of Polish cinema after the war a great deal of films were about the war and what Poland endured. The Untrue Wife was made in 1939 and premiered in 1941.
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