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Miss Post Office - Panienka z Poste Restante DVD
by Richard J. Brzostek Date Added: Monday 27 February, 2012
People can find love unexpectedly, especially in the movies. Miss Post Office (Panienka z poste restante) mixes comedy with romance, and even has a little musical side to it too. Miss Post Office takes us back to 1935, in this film directed by Jan Nowina-Przybylski and Michal Waszynski.

Marysia Kochanska (Alma Kar) usual work is at the post office, but when she embarks on a month-long vacation her life is forever changed for the better. Due to a comedy of errors, Marysia causes a telegram to be sent incorrectly, which directly influences her fate. Adam Olszewicz (Aleksander Zabczynski) is the owner of a large corporation and never requested a secretary, but when Marysia shows up, she quickly assumes this role and more.

Things really get interesting when Mr. Smith (Michal Znicz), a business partner with some shares in the company, knowingly sets up trouble for the pair hoping to turn the situation to his advantage. Once headquarters realizes their mistake in sending Marysia, they send along the correct people, which include an auditor and a cook. But they have a great deal of trouble catching up to the train Olszewicz is on, chasing them all over Europe.

Although we can go along with many things for the sake of the story to work, there is one detail that is impossible to overlook. The cars of the train they ride in are incredibly and impossibly large. First of all, there is far too much furniture in the car for it to be real. Having a car with a salon, two bedrooms, a kitchen and even a bathroom with a shower is just a bit too much. While some of these may be possible, they are definitely not in the way it is shown in the movie. But overlooking this detail, the rest of the story works well.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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