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Polish Kitsch Project - Polisz Kicz Project DVD

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 07 July, 2009.
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Price: $14.95
Item Description

This screwball, laugh-out-loud comedy is a quasi-documentary about two hilarious con artist who fool beautiful actresses into thinking that they are starring in a hit film. Far from being real directors, a Culinary School graduate and his bumbling side-kick, are using a camera for the first time and have no idea how to operate it. None-the-less, these two matchstick men successfully extract money from naive, wannabe actresses, who will do anything to be in a movie.

Language: Polish, with English subtitles

Language: Polish, English subtitles Director: Mariusz Pujszo Release Date: 2003 Run Time: 67 min. Run Time: 67 min.

Product Reviews
Richard J.Brzostek - 05/01/2007 5 of 5 Stars!
A Uniquely Different Type of Polish Comedy, June 10, 2005 "Polish Kitsch Project" is a uniquely different type of film. It is about two men and their cameraman (who you rarely see) who know little to nothing about making movies and who fool beautiful women into thinking they are stars in their production. Overall, the film is senseless; but in the chaos, it all adds up into something that takes another shape, one that makes sense. Throughout the movie, the two guys make this film funny by interspersing their commentary on cinema. The men act a little silly occasionally and even look a little goofy, which makes it hard not to find amusement in their antics. The women are hilarious because they take them seriously. Without a doubt, "Polish Kitsch Project" is funny. It is a goofy kind of humor, but it is loaded with it! If you thought you have watched enough Polish films about making a film, here is another, but one that takes a unique spin on the idea. Brief nudity, but not on the scale the film's creators would lead one to believe.
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