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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 30 June, 2009.
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After the collapse of the Communists, some former Polish KGB agents find work in the Polish police force. Franz had it pretty easy in the KGB, only because his wife was politically connected to the Soviets. Now the Party's over, and Franz must work like every other cop, except for a few who've chosen the more lucrative life of crime. Franz's first big assignment is to infiltrate and bring down the powerful Polish mafia. He soon discovers that many of his old KGB colleagues have joined the Mob that he's trying to bust. In one dramatic shootout, three of his fellow cops are killed, and Franz vows to revenge their deaths.

Language: Polish, with English subtitles Director: W. Pasikowski Release Date: 1991 Run Time: 111 min.

Product Reviews
Richard J.Brzostek - 05/01/2007 5 of 5 Stars!
Classic Polish Action Film, October 9, 2005 "Psy" is a classic Polish action film. This movie has the English title of "Pigs," but you might be thinking isn't "Psy" supposed to be "Dogs"? Yes, this would be the literal translation, but in Poland, the slang word for the police is "Dog," as in America it is "Pig," so it all works out. "Psy" is more than just a police film, as it has historical significance, taking place at the time of Poland's transition from communism to democracy. Besides this, the new police force has to deal with organized criminals that do not respect them and are not afraid to kill them if they get in their way. Furthermore, to really complicate the situation, the old communist secret police see their power crumble and are forced to adapt or parish. The violence gets a little brutal, but not much more than typical action movies. The film captures an action-packed story about the conflicts of the old and new police as they deal with criminals with more training than many of them.
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