Aleksander Fredro – this autumn in Polish cinemas

"Maidens’ Vows", directed by Filip Bajon (“Magnat”, “Sauna”, “Limuzyna Daimler-Benz”) come in theaters on October 8.

 In the cast we could see many stars of Polish cinematography, including Edyta Olszówka(“Pigs”), Borys Szyc (“Vinci”),  Robert Więckiewicz (“With Fire & Sword”), Maciej Stuhr(“Boys Don’t Cry”), Wiktor Zborowski(“Teddy Bear”), Andrzej Grabowski, Daniel Olbrychski and Marian Opania.

The movie is based on Aleksander Fredro’s novel under the same title. However, the plot isn’t taken seriously, it’s more like playing with the text written by the great Polish comedian.  

Screening of other Fredro’s drama, "Revenge" made by Andrzej Wajda, is also to watch.

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