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Major Hubal DVD

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 30 June, 2009.
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Price: $19.95
Item Description

War drama based on a true story. Legendary Hubal - major Dobrzanski, in spite of Nazi occupation in 1939 does not surrender and fights the aggressor with a group of his faithful soldiers.

Utrzymana w tonacji balladowej opowiesc o dziejach legendarnego oddzialu majora Hubala - ostatniego oddzialu regularnej armii, ktory nie zlozyl broni po klesce wrzesniowej, stajac sie zarazem pierwszym oddzialem partyzanckim II wojny swiatowej.

Directed by Bohdan Poreba.
Cast:Ryszard Filipski, Tadeusz Janczar,Malgorzata Potocka

1973, Color.
In Polish with English Subtitles.

Product Reviews - 06/22/2009 3 of 5 Stars!
Major Hubal, a foreign film DVD from Poland, looks exactly like your clich art house foreign movie: somewhat grainy with the occasional artifact on the screen, subtitles that read a little off from time to time, and that weird classical sounding music that doesnt quite work. Major Hubal is based on a true story. The VHS quality print does not get in the way of enjoying something few WW II movie fans can see: a Polish war movie. When Germany invades Poland in September 1939 the Polish cavalry is no match for Panzers. Major Hubal assembles remnants of various cavalry divisions into a resistance force that creates quite a few nightmares for the German army. Something There is something oddly episodic about this foreign film DVD and moments perfect for a commercial break that makes it feel like a made-for-TV movie. I have no idea if this is the case however. This is a low budget movie so you will not see a lot of German armament. There are also a great number of scenes where Hubals men ride from point A to point B to some heroic sounding tune. Action wise, there is more talk than fighting. There is one major battle scene but the heroic music gets in the way. Major Hubal plays and looks like a B-movie, especially with the varying lighting. Still, if you are a war movie DVD aficionado and want an unheard WW II tale, this foreign film is interesting.
Richard Brzostek - 08/13/2008 4 of 5 Stars!
Hubal takes us back in history to the early part of World War II. It is the courageous story of Polish soldiers that fight despite the overwhelming odds. The movie opens with black and white news footage with an announcer that says even if the odds are against Poland they will take some of the enemy down with them. This statement foretells the fate of Major Hubal and is the theme of the film. Within a month of the outbreak of the war much of Poland was devastated; its army crushed and scattered. This story shows us the exploits of the soldiers under Major Hubal who refuse to quit even though they fight against an overwhelming adversary. In the months that follow, they struggle to keep hidden and ambush the Germans at every opportunity they have. Hubal's exploits give hope to the people and he has a line of recruits that want to join them in every village (they even recruit a young woman and a priest). Hubal is a heroic war story that captures the patriotic spirit of Poland. Each month for them is a hard, up-hill struggle but they fight on. If you are into older war films, Hubal delivers action and heroics that keep the suspense tense and provides great entertainment.
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