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Immoral Story Historia Niemoralna DVD

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 30 June, 2009.
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Price: $19.95
Item Description

Told as a film within the film, the story concerns an aging actress. Ewa is a flamboyant, pushy actress whose career and love life have come to a dead end. She lives in a faceless housing development. She is totally engrossed in herself and dreams of making a comeback as a singer. But her overbearing personality time after time sets her into conflict with those she tries to work with in the theater and her bedroom.


Ewa (Dorota Stalinska) was once a big-name actress. Now she is a drunk, washed-up has-been, living in a very ordinary apartment. She doesn't know how to sincerely express any concern for anyone but herself, and her dreams of returning to prominence as a singer or making a theatrical comeback are undermined by her unpleasant personality. Despite that, she has moments of warmth and tenderness which enable one occasionally to see what her former appeal must have been based on. ~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide


Rezyserka Magda pracuje nad montazem filmu, ktorego fabula jest historia prywatnego zycia aktorki Ewy. Po zdobyciu nagrody za granica Ewa przybiera poze gwiazdy. Odrzuca role w telewizji z powodu nieporozumien z ekipa i zbyt niskiej gazy. Gleboko przezywa smierc ojca i rozstanie z kochankiem. Zaczyna naduzywac alkoholu. Brak propozycji zawodowych mobilizuje ja do przygotowania wlasnego recitalu piosenkarskiego, w czym pomaga jej Marek. Wkrotce jednak rozstaja sie. Ewa przekonujac sie, ze chlopak jej nie kocha, usuwa ciaze. Pewnego dnia aktorka ulega ciezkiemu wypadkowi samochodowemu. W szpitalu odwiedza ja czesto Piotr. Po powrocie Ewy do domu zamieszkuja razem. Dziewczyna jest zalamana; twierdzi, ze przegrala swoje zycie zawodowe i osobiste. Piotr stara sie jej pomoc. Kiedy jednak wyjezdza, Ewa probuje popelnic samobojstwo. Wkrotce dostaje od Magdy propozycje glownej roli w filmie. Po projekcji aktorzy sa oburzeni ujawnieniem przez rezyserke najwiekszych tajemnic zycia Ewy. Historia utalentowanej aktorki, ktora nie umie przystosowac sie do otoczenia, ukazuje mechanizm manipulacji, jakim posluguje sie artysta, by przekazac prawde o czlowieku.

Cast: Dorota Stalinska, Teresa Budzisz-Krzyzanowska, Michal Bajor.
Directed by Barbara Sass.
1990, Color, 96 mins.
Polish Language with English Subtitles




Product Reviews
Richard Brzostek - 08/02/2009 5 of 5 Stars!
Immoral Story (Historia Niemoralna) is a film about a film. The movie starts out with a director asking an actress named Ewa (Dorota Stalinska) to be in a film about Ewa's life. Ewa had some rough times and this film will be how she tries to build herself up again. Ewa is a self-centered middle-aged actress. She believes the world revolves around her and her ego. Unfortunately for her, she is in a career slump. The story is about how she tries to pull herself out of the mud. Perhaps it's a bit of bad luck or the influence of her acquaintances, but as a fly stuck in a web she cannot seem to get free easily. Her personal life mirrors her career problems; she has just as many problems with the men as she does with work. Just as the drama and great music pull you in, you are reminded with a short segment showing the director and her assistant editing the story. The director is more concerned about making a story than she is in presenting a flattering portrait of her actress friend. Don't let the title of the movie mislead you; the story may be immoral on more than one level, but it is done without gratuitousness. The drama in this movie is on par with Polish films finest. If you love drams, Immoral Story is for you.
Store Reviewer - 02/08/2007 4 of 5 Stars!
What: Polish melodrama about a raging, abrasive actress. Why: Courtney Love: Your comeback vehicle has arrived. It's the story of a once-famous actress in her late 30s, alienating everyone around her while drinking heavily and hooking up with random men. Compulsively watching her old movies and bemoaning her decline, she starts a new career as a harsh cabaret singer. Plus there's an artsy framing story, in which a bitter female director edits (and manipulates) the plot, so it's not clear how much of what we see is or isn't “true.” It's like The Rose remade as a European art movie. by Leo Charney
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