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Enigma Secret - Sekret Enigmy DVD

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 30 June, 2009.
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Price: $19.95
Item Description

The story of the breaking of the Nazi secret coding machine Enigma, by three Polish athematicians. Although Alan Turing tends to get much of the credit for breaking the Nazi "Enigma" codes during World War II, three Polish mathematicians did preliminary work that was equally brilliant and equally important. This film tells their story, featuring some real acts of heroism.

Autentyczna historia trzech matematykow kryptologow w zatrudnionych przez polski wywiad do rozszyfrowywania kodu hitlerowskiej maszyny "Enigma". Ich dzieje przed i w czasie II wojny swiatowej daly interesujacy obraz przedstawiajacy ciezka prace polskiego wywiadu. Rezyser Roman Wionczek zgromadzil wspanialy zespol aktorski. Emil Karewicz jak zwykle w roli negatywnej, choc oficera polskiego, ale zdrajcy. Janusz Zakrzenski i Andrzej Szczepkowski interesujacy odtworzyli postacie dowodcow grupy deszyfrujacej. Stanislaw Zaczyk jako angielski oficer, a August Kowalczyk w roli oficera francuskiego. Zazwyczaj sympatyczny Jan Machulski tu wcielil sie w postac pulkownika niemieckiego. A w tle takie gwiazdy polskiego kina lat siedemdziesiatych i osiemdziesiatych, jak Henryk Bista czy Stanislaw Mikulski

Cast:Stanislaw Zaczyk, Piotr Garlicki, Janusz Zakrzeenski, Andrzej Szczepkowski

Directed by Roman Wionczek

1979, Color, 159 mins.

In Polish with optional English Subtitles.


Product Reviews
Richard Brzostek - 11/17/2008 5 of 5 Stars!
"Enigma Secret" (Sekret Enigmy) takes us into the history and shows the adventures of a few Polish men whose story is not widely known. The Polish government enlisted its best civilian thinkers to help decode German messages. These mathematicians turn into war heroes as they decode the secret of the enigma. This is a bit different war film. It lacks scenes of battles but is filled with espionage and a great deal of suspense because of the precarious time period. The story doesn't revolve around professional soldiers but of civilians that turn into cryptologists and help in the war. It stays away from the gritty details of the battlefields but shows us how the families were separated and torn apart, as everyone was affected by the war. "Enigma Secret" brings to life this time period and fills the two and a half hour film with a remarkable story. The story is a chilling chronicle of World War II - from before it began to its tail end. Some parts of the movie will be unforgettable. I thought there is great build up in the impending doom just before the war breaks out. Their escape to France via Hungry will keep you on edge. Being just a few steps ahead of the Germans isn't an easy task and, unfortunately, their allies don't always help them. Overall, the way the story is presented doesn't show too much violence so it is one you can watch with the whole family.
George Sax - 05/02/2008 3 of 5 Stars!
It would be a Polish joke of another sort entirely if the story Roman Wionczek's movie tells is factual. While some British and Americans have quietly been contesting the right to claim credit for breaking the German Enigma code during the Second World War (there's even a fanciful Matthew McConaughey movie); the Poles seem to have been harboring some resentment. This 1979 feature argues that it was three Polish mathematicians, working in the Polish Cipher Bureau, who first cracked the code, and then gave it to the British and Free French. The former may have built an improved code-reading machine at Blechley Park under Alan Turing's direction, but it was Poles who made this possible. Since it was a Polish diplomat, Jan Karski, who tried to warn the uninterested Churchill and Roosevelt about the unfolding Holocaust, this might be true, although the film could be more gripping. It plods some, in a neo-Socialist Realism way, and it has the least impressive Hitler impersonation I've ever seen.
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