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Bolek and Lolek Are Going Camping Part 2 DVD

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 07 July, 2009.
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Price: $14.95
Item Description

Bolek & Lolek are already on their vacation, and they decide to go camping. And, of course, they run across a fun amusement park, then they take part in a mushroom hunt, lots of fun for everyone, and no words are spoken.

Language: Polish, with English subtitles Director: Edward Water, Leszek Lorek, Wladyslaw Nehabrecki, Stanislaw Dutz Release Date: 2000 Run Time: 64 min.

Product Reviews
Richard J. Brzostek - 02/21/2011 5 of 5 Stars!
This set has the remaining six episodes of the "Bolek i Lolek na wakacjach" (Bolek and Lolek on Vacation) series. Although the DVD title says "going camping part two," it really is the rest of the "on vacation" series. These episodes conclude the second Bolek and Lolek series and were made in 1965-1966. The episodes include: 1) "Luna-Park" (Amusement Park) 2) "Grzybobranie" (Mushroom Hunting) 3) "Strzelba I Wedka" (The Rifle and the Fishing Rod) 4) "Falszywy Dziadek" (The Fasle Grandfather) 5) "Zabawa w Rycerza" (The Knight Game) 6) "Na Biawaku" (Camping) None of these episodes have dialogue, but makes up for it with music and sound effects. Each episode in this series starts with them traveling by train to their next adventure and often ends up with them back on the train going to their next destination. My favorite episode on this DVD is "Grzybobranie" in which Bolek and Lolek go pick mushrooms in the forrest, but end up finding a German helmet, an old bunker, and several hand gernades. Although most of these cartoons are light on any moral lessons, this one showed the dangers of finding artifacts from the war. As a bonus, we have one episode from the "Bolek i Lolek Wyruszaja w Swiat" (Bolek and Lolek travel the world) series as the seventh episode on this DVD. This episode is called "W Krainie 1001 Nocy" (In the Land of 1001 Nights). This series brings Bolek and Lolek to very colorful locations and amazing adventures. Bolek and Lolek (Bolek i Lolek) are very popular Polish cartoons and have fans throughout the world. The Studio Filmow Rysunkowych in Bielsku-Biala, which made very many of the most popular Polish cartoons, produced Bolek and Lolek. Although Bolek and Lolek fight and tease with eachother fairly often, they always make up quickly; they find adventures and fun in every situation, even if they have to use their imigination to create it; they can be a little mischivious at times, but also go out of their way to help others in need; but most of all they bring us amusement.
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